ILIADA Kalamon Olives - Sharing the tradition

The city of KALAMATA is home of AGROVIM SA and ILIADA OLIVES.

Capital of the Prefecture of MESSINIA, the city of KALAMATA is blessed with rich tradition and heroic epic sagas.  Surrounded by Poseidon’s clear blue sea, it is caressed by a sun that shines brighter and more beautiful than anywhere else.  This region, is a true representative of the rich traditions of EUROPE and home of the ILIADA OLIVES.

As far as the eye can see, MESSINIA is covered with olive orchards hundreds and in some cases thousands of years old. 

These orchards produce the famous KALAMON variety olive which if harvested and processed in accordance to the rules set by the European Union, it is transformed into the famous KALAMATA OLIVE (see Ref 1).

AGROVIM SA is uniquely situated in the city of KALAMATA.

We guarantee to only provide quality local olives, prepared with respect to tradition and a unique process handed down by our forefathers for thousands of years. 100% authentic recipe for KALAMATA (KALAMON) olives.

ILIADA olives originate from over 4.000 producers in the MESSINIA Prefecture.  A lasting relationship based on trust, respect and ethical conduct lasting over half a century.

  • ILIADA, “KALAMATA OLIVES PDO” are produced with respect to tradition and the legislative requirements of the EUROPEAN UNION –see below for details.  Only 100% authentic olives form MESSINIA, produced in brine and toped with Extra Virgin KALAMATA Olive Oil can bear the name KALAMATA.
  • ILIADA, KALAMON OLIVES originate from the MESSINA Prefecture, pitted, sliced and/or packed in light vinegar, giving a distinct rich flavor loved throughout the world.

AGROVIM SA olives production is closely monitored through a certified ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 22000 (Food Safety) and ISO 22005 (Traceability) System, and verified by a fully equipped organoleptic and chemical analysis laboratory.


Protected Designation of Origin – ELIA KALAMATAS PDO identifies KALAMON variety olives linked to their geographical origin, produced, processed and prepared in the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of MESSINIA, using the recognized know-how of local producers and ingredients from the region concerned. These olives must adhere to a precise set of specifications (see Reference 1 ) and may bear the PDO logo below.


In the case of infringement of the PDO logo, or misuse of the term “KALAMATA OLIVES” (see Ref. 1), contact relevant Competent Authorities for controls on the marketplace which may be found here.

REFERENCE 1.   According to Commissioner Hogan:

The name ‘Ελιά Καλαμάτας’ (‘Elia Kalamatas’) was registered as a protected designation of origin (PDO) on 21 June 1996 at the request of the Greek Government by Commission Regulation (EC) No 1107/96.  Such a registered name shall amongst other be protected against any direct or indirect commercial use in respect of products not covered by the registration, where those products are comparable to the products registered under that name. This includes cases where the registered name is translated. This protection applies throughout the EU.

Operators who do not respect the specification for this PDO, including the area of production, are not entitled to use the name of ‘Kalamata olives’ in the EU.

Incidentally, the correct reference to the variety would appear to be ‘Kalamon olives’ which is not synonymous with the registered one. In consequence, it appears in line with EU legislation that operators who are using names such as ‘Kalamata olives’ for commercial purposes on olives produced outside the demarcated area of the PDO are faced with the consequences of not respecting EU rules, such as described by the Honourable Member.

Source:  European Parliament