Gift Box: λάδι

(gr) λάδι : Olive Oil is an elegant and limited edition gift box!

Each unit offers extra virgin olive oil and 3 unique aromatized olive oils with natural oil aromas of truffle, basilicum and orange.

A timeless taste of tradition that will walk you through the unique Greek Landscape! A journey of vivid aromas, temperament and rich tastes, presented into four stories with each glass bottle carrying one of the letters comprising the Greek word for oil (λάδι)

The target consumer: Travellers. People who wish to offer an example or the sense of a trip and its experience through food.

The design: Gift packaging can be the most dynamic ambassador of a certain design reality. Products are thus shared and appreciated beyond national borders as part of a cultural experience and its shared memory.

The design of the box aims at it being both about identity and practical use in a state of transit. We designed the 4 bottles packaging - combo as a 4 piece puzzle.

Users can deconstruct and reconstruct it as a language game; they can become familiar with the shapes and forms of Greek language while enjoying an unusual, precious looking, albeit very practical group of oil vessels.