This is another special story behind the ILIADA Single Estate. This extra virgin olive oil originates from a family-owned olive grove, the Konstantelos Estate, which has been passed down from father to son ever since 1967. Located in the Madourou plains near the Faraklada village in Messenia, the olive grove is situated in an enchanting field, equally distanced from the Ionian Sea as well as the slopes of mountain Geranio. The estate is spanned in an area of 13 acres and it hosts 2,900 olive trees. ILIADA Single Estate is produced in 16.500 numbered bottles and before packing, the oil is kept in a special temperature controlled area inside stainless steel tanks in order to retain its high quality characteristics. This premium extra virgin olive oil comes in classic Single Estate bottle of 750ml with wooden cork, elegant label with gold print, including a QR code on the label-side which gives all the details of the farm and the farmer. Estate olive oils are prized for their distinctive characteristics which are influenced by natural factors such as the local red soil, altitude, microclimate and olive variety. The cultivation and production techniques add to the individuality of the product's character. Single Estate olive oil, known as Estate Olive Oil, is a type of olive oil that is obtained from olives grown exclusively on an individual farm.

The golden-green drops of this superior extra virgin olive oil hold the long tradition of the Konstantelos family in olive oil making. The estate was originally cultivated by Mr. Giannis Konstantelos Sr. and has been passed down all the way to his grandson that shares the same name. Giannis Konstantelos Jr., states that his family’s olive oil is great due to the microclimate of the area that prevents vermin from contaminating his olive trees, thus eliminating the continuous use of pesticides. “If you combine a long line of family tradition with the ideal ecosystem our region provides, wonderful things can happen.” Mr. Gianni’s son, Panayiotis, is being groomed to succeed his father and become the fourth in line Konstantelos to continue this proud tradition.

Green and ripe flavors give the right taste and harmony that makes the ILIADA Single Estate so special. Tasting notes; grass, herbs and artichoke and at the same time a hint of almond and butter aromas that caress the nose. This olive oil gives a peppery and certainly sensational taste to those dishes that deserve it. The production is limited.