This is the new collection of ILIADA Organic Single Estate, the organic extra virgin olive oil which comes from one of the most prolific family-owned organic groves situated in the lowlands of in Messenia, a property with 1.000 organic olive trees in an area of 45.000 sq. meters. It is produced in 8.700 numbered bottles and before packing, the oil is kept in a special temperature controlled area inside stainless steel tanks in order to retain its high quality characteristics. This premium organic extra virgin olive oil comes in an exclusive bottle of 500ml with wooden cork, elegant label with gold print, including a QR code on the label-side which gives all the details of the farm and the farmer. Estate olive oils are prized for their distinctive characteristics which are influenced by natural factors such as the soil, altitude, microclimate and olive variety. The cultivation and production techniques add to the individuality of the product's character. Organic Single Estate olive oil, known as Estate Olive Oil, is a type of olive oil that is obtained from organic olives grown exclusively on an individual farm. The organic olive grove is situated right outside a small village called Ariochori in the region of Kalamata. The area is renowned for its exceptional production of extra virgin olive oil but is particularly proud of Mr. Andreas Gyfteas’ organic olive grove. Stepping into Mr. Andreas’ estate, one realizes why this is such an extraordinary organic product. The whole field is full of life and the symbiotic circle formed by the rich flora and fauna contributes to the creation of an astounding organic olive grove that exudes aromas of the soil, grass and olives. The olive trees absorb the rich nutrients the soil offers and combined with the microclimate of the southern slopes of mountain Taygetus, they produce their organic liquid gold. Mr. Andreas personally tends to his olives and admits “Our Olive Trees are like our own children…We are proud to see them grow and produce their special fruit.”ILIADA Organic Single Estate exudes a floral aroma of chamomile while displaying fruitiness composed of grassy, green and ripe banana, artichoke and tomato leaf notes, the typical aromatic bouquet of a green/ripe Koroneiki olive oil. Finally its sweetness in the mouth is followed by a notable peppery finish.