This ILIADA Single Estate, is produced from one of the oldest family-owned groves situated in the lowlands of Messenia, a property with 1.200 olive trees in an area of 100 acres. The olive trees are situated in Spillia Trifillias, a place that is very well known to produce high quality olive oil. It is also called “Ladohori” which means the “olive oil village”. The olive mill is family owned passed from generation to generation since 1898. Mr. Alexis, the olive oil producer and owner of the mill is particularly proud of a special tree on his farm, aged before 1821 which still blooms and yields approximately 100kg of extra virgin olive oil. He has inherited this property from his great grandfather and this goes further back, from father to son.

This olive oil quality is excellent: 100% extra virgin, monovarietal from Koroneiki variety olives of naturally low acidity. Koroneiki variety is highly prized for its extremely aromatic oil. High productivity, good resistance to oxidation which favors the development of very long-lived oil and high oleic acid, which makes it very healthy. The harvest runs from November until early December.

This lot has a wonderful robust fruity taste with a light bitter and medium pungent aftertaste. Recognized for its aromatic, ripe and green fruitiness, light bitterness, and sweet buttery taste sensation. Green and ripe aromas are distinctive with its aromatic bouquet made of fresh scent of grass, banana, herbs & dried nuts. The color is deep green with golden reflex.

The passion in the making of this olive oil is encapsulated in Mr. Alexis’ confession: “We love the olives. We live because of them”