ILIADA, a well-known multi awarded extra virgin olive oil brand from Kalamata, Greece, introduces an innovative range of EXVOO in spray, in classic P.D.O., truffle & basil flavours. This new range was produced to cover the needs of both professional & home cooks as it offers the perfect touch to any dish in a clean and totally controlled way.

ILIADA spray olive oil uses an advanced technology with no pump and no gas mixing to secure that the quality of the EXVOO remains intact. All it takes is 3 sec. of spraying to release 5ml (1 tea spoon) of olive oil directly to any dish. Works great with pasta, vegetables, tomatoes, bruschettas, scrambled eggs and for greasing your pan without spilling a drop.

ILIADA EXVOO in spray is a rich, full-bodied, very well balanc olive oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics. Choose between the fresh, pleasant medium fruitiness and light bitterness of the P.D.O., the earthy taste of the trule or the spiciness & mild taste of the basil. Add a twist of fun in your everyday cooking, maintaining control of your olive oil intake or simply revolutionise the way you cook at home and prepare modern, great tasting meals for you and your loved ones.

ILIADA EXVOO sprays comes in 200ml packs.

ILIADA is the flagship brand of AGRO.VI.M. S.A. (Agro-Industria of Messinia), a family-owned company established in 1994 as a continuation of the original company founded in 1964.

The company processes, packages and exports extra virgin olive oils, table olives, figs and antipasti. AGRO.VI.M.’s HQ is in Kalamata, Greece, which among others designates the “genuine origin” which accompanies the authenticity of taste, while its commercial team is located in the capital of Athens. ILIADA is an internationally awarded EXVOO brand, with presence in more than 45 countries around the globe, while its assortment extends in organic, single estate (mono-variety), regional & flavored olive oils.